About Ensign

With over 185,000 jobs in the UK maritime industry, a dedicated industry pension plan is not only a necessity; it just makes good sense.

We know from our research that a good pension scheme forms a vital part of the employee benefits mix for today’s maritime professionals. Maritime employers risk losing out on the best talent if their chosen scheme is not up to scratch, but amid a saturated UK pension market and the fog of red tape in running your own scheme, resolving this issue can seem far from straightforward.

Help is on the horizon.

Designed specifically for employees in the maritime industry, Ensign is a high-quality, low-cost pension plan which employers and employees pay into as a way of saving for retirement.

There is choice and flexibility with contributions, where the money is invested, and how and when members take their benefits.

The Ensign pension plan is a modern defined contribution (DC), or ‘money purchase’,  plan which takes advantage of the pension flexibilities and freedoms introduced by the government in 2015.


  • Is available to any employer connected to the maritime industry and all their employees
  • Offers some of the lowest annual management charges in the pensions industry
  • Allows flexibility over when members take their benefits, from age 55
  • Provides choice in how benefits are taken, including ‘income drawdown’
  • Is simple to use with a range of eleven investment options, plus three ‘target date’ funds. It can be difficult to set a retirement date, so this gives you the option to set a retirement ‘window’. This provides greater flexibility in terms of when you retire and how you take your pension
  • Demonstrates high-quality governance, administration and clear communications through the achievement of Master Trust Assurance
  • Accepts transfers from other pension schemes and increased voluntary contributions
  • Is auto enrolment compliant

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