We have chosen our partners quite simply because they are the world’s best at what they do. We think we’re pretty good too, but recognise we are greater than the sum of our parts, working towards a common goal – improving retirement outcomes for the maritime community.

Ensign’s experienced Trustee Board is supported by the following partners and advisers:

Rock Strategic Consulting Ltd: proudly delivers top-notch executive and secretarial services

BlackRock: our principal investment manager controls more money than any other globally, with governments, companies of all sizes and millions of individuals entrusting their futures to it

Aegon: the international life assurance, pensions and asset management provider took over as administrator from BlackRock in 2018. Its dedicated pension administration team comprises tried-and-tested former BlackRock specialists

Aegon’s TargetPlan online tool, allows members to monitor and manage their accounts 24/7; check pension pot values; review and select investment funds; change retirement ages; and calculate future incomes and their makeup

Sackers: Ensign’s legal adviser is the UK’s leading specialist law firm for pension scheme trustees, employers, corporate investors and providers. Its entire focus is on advising the retirement savings sector

BDO: our auditor has assembled pension experts from multi-disciplinary backgrounds. Including accounting, corporate finance, forensic accounting, actuarial and banking, the dynamic team has an unbeatable understanding of retirement planning and delivery

Crowe UK: the hugely respected international reporting accountant has an enviable history ensuring work-based pension schemes maintain the highest standards, going back to 1843

In addition, Ensign has appointed Aspire Retirement Services (At Retirement specialists and part of Punter Southall Aspire) to provide, if required, guidance or regulated financial advice. Aspire Retirement Services has access to all the Providers and Pension Freedom products or solutions which you may wish to consider when converting your pots and deciding upon the range of options available at retirement. Ensign members are entitled to a free telephone-based consultation with Aspire Retirement Services.

This is offered on a neutral basis i.e. it does not seek to sell you any alternative product or service.

The guidance provided can also take account of other benefits you might hold outside of the Ensign Retirement Plan.

Aspire Retirement Services can be contacted at or by calling +44 (0)1904 236531.

Ensign have negotiated special terms for members, and these will depend upon whether you require guidance or advice-based services.

No wonder then, that we are independently recognised for high-quality pension administration and good governance, low charges and clear communications. Collectively, we aim to provide an exceptional product for members, offering the best returns, customer care, convenience and latest technology. It is our responsibility to ensure we are doing right by members and employers alike, which is why we are, and demand to be, routinely subject to the highest levels of financial and legal scrutiny.

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