The maritime industry works hard to attract the next generation with exciting career opportunities and the very best employee benefits. Ensign is deservedly the go-to auto-enrolment compliant pensions provider for our industry. We provide the careers, they provide the pensions.
Bryan Hampson
Director, AW Crewing Services Limited
Our focus, as the UK’s leading maritime trade union, is to safeguard the needs of seafarers during their working life and when their careers are over. Given their background in the maritime industry and responsible, trustee-led ethos, Ensign shares this focus and has an infectious passion for providing high-quality pensions.
Olu Tunde
Assistant General Secretary, Nautilus International
Ensign has a unique understanding of maritime operations. It provides a viable, long-term solution to the challenges and costs involved in managing in-house schemes. They act as an extension to your business and genuinely care for workers. As an outsourcing option it is certainly worth talking to Ensign.
Paul Winter
Financial Director, Red Funnel
Attracting and retaining the best talent is critical to the shipping industry in the UK. Not-for-profit pension initiatives such as Ensign that enable businesses to invest in their people, should be applauded and supported.
Sir Michael Bibby
President, UK Chamber of Shipping
Looking after our employees is very important to us at Condor, and providing them with access to decent pension provision is crucial to their overall benefits package. Ensign know how important pensions are to us and our employees too, and we can rest assured that their pension provision is in good hands.
Jason Clark
Executive Director & Chief Financial Officer, Condor Marine Services