The official bit…

Here you will find formal documentation about Ensign. This details our finances and everything we do to maintain high quality governance and investment practices on behalf of our members.

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Annual Report

The Annual Report and Financial Statements is a comprehensive report on Ensign’s activities throughout the previous year. It gives information about Ensign’s actions and financial performance.

Chair’s Governance Statement

Ensign’s trustees are required to produce a statement each year to demonstrate and explain how we meet standards of governance and administration that help deliver better outcomes for members at retirement. The Chair’s Governance Statement also includes information about the member costs and charges associated with Ensign, however, for the most up to date information, members may view the costs and charges on TargetPlan.

Master Trust Assurance Report

Ensign has obtained Master Trust Assurance. This means that Ensign has been subject to an independent review of its practices against prescribed control objectives and that it demonstrates high-quality governance and administration.

Statement of Investment Principles (SIP)

A SIP is a written statement that governs decisions about the investments for occupational pension schemes, such as Ensign. The Trustee Board prepares, maintains and updates the SIP. The SIP is reviewed every three years or after any significant change in investment policy.

Trust Deed and Rules

The Trust Deed and Rules set out the Trustee Board’s powers and the procedures trustees must follow. The Trust Deed is a legal document that sets up and governs the scheme. The Rules set out more detailed conditions, for example, the benefits that will be provided.